Can Your Relationship Survive Too Much Togetherness?

The spread of the novel coronavirus is placing novel challenges on couples, families, roommates, and anyone who lives within the same four walls with more than one other person. Working from home, social distancing, isolation, and shelter-in-place orders mean that people who only spent evenings and weekends together are now in more or less constant contact.

Although there may have been many times in your life when you wished you could spend more time with those you care about, these situations are causing you to regard these wishes in a different light. Rather than being with your loved ones, friends, or people you like all the time, you’re used to having the freedom to see friends outside the house, spend lunch hours with coworkers, and enjoy part of your weekend at restaurants, bars, sporting events, the theater, and many other outside-the-home leisure pursuits. What used to be called “cabin fever” in referring to weather-related forced time at home is now turning into a potential constant malady.

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