It May Be Time for You to Do a Body Image Checkup

As a component of people’s identity, body image forms a central focus. Body image is defined as your internal representation of your physical self, and includes such features as self-perception of your height, age, weight, attractiveness, and functionality or your body’s ability to perform actions of importance to you.

Along with these cognitive components are the emotions attached to these internal representations. Do you feel too heavy, old, unattractive, and weak or are you happy with most aspects of your body image?

You’re probably also aware of the mismatch that some people have between the way you see them and the way they see themselves. Perhaps you have a friend at the gym who has zero ounces of excess body fat yet complains about her pudgy tummy. It seems unbelievable to you that anyone could have such a distorted bodily perception. No amount of reassurance on your part seems to convince her to ease off on the self-criticism.

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