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5ARIs not associated with increased suicide risk in older men, study finds

Using 5α-reductase inhibitors was not associated with increased suicide risk in a group of older men but risks for self-harm and depression were increased during the 18 months after medication initiation, although “the relatively small magnitude of these risks should not dissuade physicians from prescribing these medications in appropriate patients,” according to an article published online by JAMA Internal Medicine. Concerns have been raised about potential psychiatric adverse effects that may be associated with 5α-reductase…

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Stress of major life events impacts women more than men, shows poll of 2,000 people

New research has highlighted the potential gender gap in stress, with women reporting higher stress from life events such as death of a loved one, illness, losing their smartphone and Brexit. The study, based on YouGov research commissioned by The Physiological Society, asked over 2000 people to rate how stressful they found key life events — and for every event, women were more stressed than men. The biggest difference was in the stress caused by…

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