Black Mothers Get Less Treatment For Postpartum Depression Than Other Moms

Portia Smith’s most vivid memories of her daughter’s first year are of tears. Not the baby’s. Her own. “I would just hold her and cry all day,” Smith said. At 18, Smith was caring for two children, 4-year-old Kelaiah and newborn Nelly, with little help from the partner in her abusive relationship. The circumstances were difficult, but she knew the tears were more than that. “I really didn’t have a connection for her,” said Smith,…

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Cognitive behavioral therapy can be as effective as second-generation antidepressants to treat major depressive disorder

Major depressive disorder affects more than 32 million Americans, and their first stop for treatment is often their primary care provider. A recent evidence review of several alternatives to medication found that using cognitive behavioral therapy as the first treatment for depression can be equally effective as using a second generation antidepressant. The research from the RTI International-University of Chapel Hill Evidence-based Practice Center was published in the British Medical Journal. The authors focused specifically on…

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